Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform Grows by 325x Multiple

Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform grows by 325x Multiple

LDCRE is a free commercial real estate listing distribution platform that allows
brokerage firms to connect their listing inventory directly to through an API (Application Program Interface). Once the connection is set up all new listings and listing edits flow from the broker/brokerage firm to LDCRE on auto-pilot without any further work by the broker/brokerage firm.

LDCRE set out to not only be a free CRE listing platform, but to be a CRE Listing Distribution Platform with the largest distribution network of news websites where LDCRE powers the CRE listings. In the beginning of 2017 LDCRE was distributing CRE listings to 3 news websites in NYC, Chicago, and Scottsdale. By the close of 2017 LDCRE grew its distribution publisher network from 3 to 900+ (600+ Domestic and 300+ International). “When you see a growth of 32,550%, or a 326.5x multiple within 12 months it makes you rerun the numbers on the calculator a couple times, but our team worked very hard on growing our network for a couple years; it was not an overnight success by any means. A few key elements that aided us in rapidly growing our publisher network were growing LDCRE’s listing inventory from 20 markets to 7,600 markets throughout 29 countries, LDCRE growing its total for sale CRE assets to $100+ Billion, and the great relationships our team has developed over the years,” said Brendan Hotchkiss CEO of LDCRE.

LDCRE continues to grow its listings on a daily basis with 2,000+ new/updated listings flowing into its platform on a daily basis.